Business Card Designs for Orange County Companies

Through its innovative and creative in-house graphic designers, Stark Logic is able to offer its clients stunning marketing pieces including brochures, letterhead, logos, folder designs and more.

Why You Need to Design a Great Business Card!

A business card is an indispensable part of any sort of marketing goal. Of course, you can’t anticipate your business card to tell to the entire story about your business, but you should keep in mind that a business card could make or damage a prospect’s first impression of your firm.

Decide on a card style that’s suitable for your business, market and personal style. If you’re a mechanic whose specialty is transforming aged Beetles into dune buggies, an official, black-on-white personalized card will probably be thrown into the nearest trash can.  The colors you choose and the message you write on the card should be one that will be received by your target market and will stand out among competitor’s business cards.

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