Local Business Marketing


Stark Logic has partnered with PlaceSign to provide hyper localized marketing for small businesses and franchise systems. PlaceSign works to update local business information across 100 online directories and ensures the business information is consistent. Using proprietary technology, PlaceSign is able to ping the online directories through an app you’ll install on your phone which will help get your business listing to the top of the search results.


Our ultimate goal is for your business to show up in local search results. Google’s algorithm takes into account how other business directories show your business name, address and phone accurately. This information needs to be the same across those directories so Google knows it’s you. The more directories that have consistent information, the more established the business looks and the higher placement it gets in search results.  Read more about local search here


Business directories place a quality score on where business listing information comes from. Information from low quality providers is listed at the bottom of the list for directories and some directories don’t take the information at all. PlaceSign has partnered with the major online directories in a way that those directories know that the information provided comes from business owners and is the most accurate. Therefore, the quality score for the data coming from PlaceSign is the highest in the industry.


On top of just updating the business directories, PlaceSign has an app you can download to your phone. When you walk into your location, this app notifies the PlaceSign system which in turn updates the business data aggregators. Why is this important? More current information about a business has more credibility than a business that hasn’t updated their business information in 6 months. The major directories will place business listings with the most current information ahead of listings that haven’t been updated in a while. So just by walking into your own location with your phone, your business information gets updated at PlaceSign and pings the data aggregators thus exhibiting that your information is more current and should be ranked higher than other business listings.

The higher your business listing ranks in search results, the more leads you will get!


We charge $149/month for our local business marketing. The following is a list of services we provide for local businesses.

  • Update your business listing across 100+ local directories
  • Create a hyper-optimized SEO Page on PlaceSign.com – this page will drive you business as well as back link to your site for better SEO results for your web site
  • Use the PlaceSign App for online marketing
  • We will write one blog post per month with targeted keyword phrases
  • We will optimize your keywords, metatags, description tags
  • We will optimize images and image alt tags and description tags
  • We will set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  • We will create an XML sitemap and upload to Google Webmaster Tools
  • We will send a monthly traffic report

For more information about this program or to get started today, please contact us at 888-388-0460.