Orange County Web Site Design Services

You’ve waited this long to build a web site for your business!

Stark Logic provides a variety of online services including:

  • Web Site Design and Development
  • Ecommerce Shopping Cart Stores
  • Software development
  • Flash Animation
  • Video Integration
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • On Site Training for Maintenance

Web Site Design and Development

In this field, we realize that there are many companies that provide web site design services. We also know that almost everyone knows someone that can design a site. However, in our experience, it is experience that counts! Our designs are some of the most unique and most creative on the web today. You can hire your neighbor’s high school student to design a site, but are you really getting what you need? After a decade of design and development, Stark Logic is one of the best Orange County Web Site Design firms and we know what works.

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Flash Animation

Flash is now incorporated in 98% of all browsers and over the past few years, Flash technology has become an integral part of the dynamic web. Flash animated banners attract us more than the static banners and Flash games give us relief at work.

With the progression of high speeds and broadband many web sites are successfully implementing Flash and the technology is constantly evolving. It is not a prerogative of artists and fashion designers anymore to have a web site done in Flash – many businesses are implementing this technology on their sites.

Video, audio, vector and 3D animation help create a wonderful multimedia product that pushes the boundaries of the web as we know it. is skillful with all these aspects of Flash technology and can help create promo sites, banners and flash presentations for your marketing campaigns.

Ecommerce Integration

If you have products to sell, the internet is a great tool to get you more exposure. We will help you with selling your products or services online. Our team will walk you through the sales process and the requirements you need to get started with selling online.

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Video Integration

Along with the progression of flash is the integration of short videos and commercials for businesses on their web sites. Stark Logic will help you convert existing video and integrate into your site or help you to create one. Once a video is created, you can use it in any number of places outside the internet – interactive DVDs, commercials, and more!

Software Development

Most businesses now realize how important the internet has become. To some businesses, their online strategies are invaluable. Banks do more business online than ever before, stores can sell products virtually to customers all over the world, and small businesses can offer online services that some of their larger competitors don’t offer. As we discuss your business, we can offer services in software development that will help you and give you an advantage over your competitors. By building custom software or integrating out-of-the-box solutions, we can help you streamline your online processes and help you do more business online.

Wed Design Methodology

On the road to site deployment Stark Logic utilizes a rigorous process in developing solutions in which strategic planning lays the foundation for success. Developing a site is a collaborative, iterative process which begins with strategy and proceeds through several pre-determined milestones and reviews.

This Strategic Process enables Stark Logic to gain an in-depth understanding of your objectives, operational processes, market position, competitive set, target customers, brand strategy and interactive goals. The client specific team will work closely with your company management and their agencies to clarify site objectives and set the foundation for a long-term interactive strategy. This important strategic step ensures that we truly understand your business and marketing goals and how we can enhance those goals online.

Search Engine Marketing

Many hesitate to seek a SEO company due to budget limitations. One would need to spend at least a minimum of 500 USD and it could take at least 6 months before they see any results. The amount they need to invest would also vary according to the competitiveness of the keywords. New internet marketers generally do not have the desire or means to put such a heavy financial investment. They may tend resort to using SEO tools on their own. Stark Logic has created a new search engine marketing software called BareTrax. This software helps people to understand their traffic rankings and keyword rankings. Go to to sign up today.